Monday, February 16, 2009

Rain Rain go away!!!

Lately the weather here has been one day and rain the next. The past couple of days have been full of rain, which is good cause we need it but it's been so nasty. The wind has been blowing hard and it tore up my yard...

Chairs just got flung all over!

Just cold and lonely out front...At least my little palm tree is getting plenty of water!

I GUARANTEE the yard will stay like that until "I" go out there and fix the chairs! Living with 2 guys has it's perks but not all the time!!! I went out front to see if I could see Mt. Diablo but it was to cloudy out. It's just coming down and I hate the fact that we may be stuck inside again today. It's my day off and I want to be out and about but it looks like today will be a day full of Elmo and Noggin. Don't mind it so much though, it's my life now and I'm slowly getting used to it..after a few Tylenol's at least.

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Kalei said...

If you think that is a tore up yard.... don't look at mine, its much good weather.